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Meet Phoebe

Meet Phoebe

I have always loved clothing, jewelry, decor and all things related to fashion, beauty and art.

My earliest memories are of having my father draw paper dolls, and outfits for them on yellow legal pads.

He dutifully indulged my requests. Growing up, the discussions around our dinner table were often centered around, the latest style, skirt lengths, fabrics, what’s “in”and “out,” for the following year. The clothing industry now call this trends and forecasts. Of course all businesses bank on their forecasts for their businesses to flourish. My father’s career was in the women’s clothing business in NYC. My mother and I were “clothes horses.” We were fortunate to be able to play “dress up” to our hearts content.

My maternal grandparents arrived as immigrants in New York City and started a dry goods store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My great Uncle settled in Lubbock, Texas and started a department store there. I guess you could say I descended from a family of merchants.

Family, friends, and customers always ask me if it was my passion to open a boutique and own my own business. I can honestly say, no. I had never worked in a retail store, nor did it occur to me to do so. Through a series of events in my life I was led along a path that took me from the heart of NYC to  Moorestown. Here the journey began. I have come to believe that if you look for guidance  (and even if you don’t) there is a path that is uniquely your own. 

I am sincerely grateful to all the wonderful people I have met over the years in every capacity who have encouraged and supported me.